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How do you know what will be the best career choices to consider at this point in your life? Taking some time to carefully consider the following tips, ideas and questions can help you lay the foundation for greater fulfillment in the next stage of your life….read more

Fashion Boots

These days it’s not about functionality, it’s about how you look. No one cares if their feet are warm as long as the boots go with the rest of the kit….read more

Endocrine Changes and Aging

When we speak of ‘endocrine’ in the context of the human body, we are referring to glands that secrete hormones into the circulatory system. The hormones play vital roles in regulating numerous body functions. Although there are numerous hormones and endocrine glands, we will focus on those that tend to demonstrate changes with age and their linkages to physical activity and aging….read more

Body Mind

Throughout life we are defined by many things, our job, abilities, status and the many different roles we play; husband, father, teacher, business man, athlete etc. As we age many of these roles change, some evolve and others no longer serve a purpose. In my practice I often see both men and woman at this turning point in life not knowing their purpose or what they are passionate about, both can leave them feeling lost….read more


Welcome to The 50 Zone Online Edition.

Here in this edition of The 50 Zone Joel Wilkinson gives us some tips on a career after retirment and Dr. Bob Gurney talks about Endocrine and aging. We also take a look at winter boots in a fun way and Brandy James gives us The Next Life Chapter in our Body Mind section.

The 50 Zone will bring people of like mind and who love life together in knowledge. As we all know — knowledge is power, and when we know more, we’ll do more, give more, be more. It’s never too late to embrace it. Let’s get started…

From Fashion to Fitness, BodyMind as well as Health issues, to Women and Dating, in The 50 Zone you’ll find ongoing, updated, relevant articles and information by expert authors, who we thank enormously for their generous contributions. Be sure to check back often…there’s lots to read and lots to gain!

This issue:

  • Discover tips on Life Successread article
  • Follow Brandy James as she gives us a Body Mind Next Life Chapter …read article
  • CJames Kelly has fun with bootsread article
  • Bob Gurney spells out the intricacies of Endocrine and aging…read article



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