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What’s Driving You

to think and act on health opportunities for men in the 50+ age group?

by Bob Gurney

Something must have stimulated you to come to this website and seek answers to questions, and/or become aware of questions that need to be asked. You are over 50 years of age and have many questions concerning personal health and opportunities of physical activity. Although this article is limited in being able to address all your questions – here are a few questions that you may need answers to …

1.   Now that I am over 50 years of age, what health issues should I be concerned about – personal status and in terms of common health concerns connected to this age group?

2.  How valid is the health information being disseminated through the traditional media and new social media?

3.  How do I find legitimate resources to guide me through activities of good health?

4.  The health literature and promotions are overwhelming … information overload – how do I determine which path to take?

The Game Plan to addressing the above questions …

1.   Start with completing the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) that you can download free and print (http://www.csep.ca/english/view.asp?x=698). Also, download (free) and print the PARmedX form at the same URL site as above.

2.  Make an appointment to see your medical doctor. Show your doctor your completed PAR-Q and if advised, work collaboratively with your doctor to complete the PARmedX form. Ask questions concerning your current health and what health assessments need to be undertaken – request referrals to professionals that can provide the needed assessments.  This information will give you a good foundation to building your health – physical activity plan.

3.  Now you can start to build your health – physical activity resource team. Who do you need on your team? Your medical doctor (GP) is best to be the manager of your team, supported by Dietitian or Sports Nutritionist, Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer/Exercise Physiologist. There may be others that your Physician recommends.

4.  Other resources include searching for sport health professionals and resources through membership can be found within the Sports Medicine Council of Alberta (http://www.sportmedab.ca/).

Author: Bob Gurney



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