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Physical Activity and Health – Part II

by Bob Gurney

The previous article informs the reader to exercise/physical counselling in the medical profession. Although Physicians are very positive in their attitudes towards the importance of exercise/physical activity, some Physicians may be limited in their knowledge of the current literature and practices, and/or lack of time to discuss exercise/physical activity with patients.

To explore the role of the Physician in discussing exercise/physical activity with patients, we invite the readers to engage with the contributors of The 50 Zone in terms of providing feedback for discussion to the following questions:

1. Have you ever discussed exercise/physical activity with your Physician? If no, why? If yes, please describe your level of satisfaction?

2. Do you manage your own personal exercise/physical activity practices? If no, why? If yes, please provide a brief description of your management?

3. Do you consult with and/or receive advice from exercise/physical activity experts? If no, why?
If yes, what qualifications do the experts hold? Please describe your level of satisfaction gained from the experts.

Please submit the questions above and your answers to:

Thank-you for your participation. We will promptly respond to your answers and summarize information in the next addition of The 50 Zone. Confidentiality of respondents identity will be maintained.

Author: Bob Gurney



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