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by James Kelly

It seems that there was no such thing as glasses in the time of the ancient Egyptians or Romans. At least there is some written documentation alluding to the fact. Back then when you became too old to see properly you just hoped you were wealthy enough to have slaves to read to you or at least give you updates at the forum as to whether or not your gladiator won!

The Chinese supposedly developed spectacles over 2000 years ago.

Some say that the first ones were made between 1268 and 1289, but no one really knows who made the first pair.

Benjamen Franklin developed the bifocal in the 1780′s.

Sir John Herschel suggested the idea of contact lenses as early as 1845.

What I want to know is who was the first person to hold the damn things together with medical tape!!

The history of eyeglasses is long and varied. Today, fashion glasses are a giant industry. Colours for frame and tinting of lenses is endless. One can almost create a pair to match any ensemble for a night at the opera to a day of cycling with friends. Even the infamous nerd pair can be fashion-fit with matching colored medical tape between the eyes for a day at the mall.

In the past, frame material and the process of grinding prescriptions made the idea of owning more than one or two pair prohibitive, but thanks to modern plastics and lens molding the only thing holding you back from a drawer full of good looking glasses is the big chain eyewear makers who see fit to sell their product for three or four hundred percent markup.

Today with online eye wear distributors like zennioptical.com and clearlycontacts.com the days of $700.00 for a pair glasses and gross over charging for contact lenses are coming to an end.

So if you’re still wearing a pair of steel rimed glasses held together with a bit of white tape on the bridge, check out these two websites and start looking cool.

Oh yeah, and pull your pants down from under your armpits. Ed Grimley is funny, not fashionable ; )



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