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by James Kelly

So how long have swimsuits been around? Since it was called a birthday suit, that’s how long.

Did you ever wonder why we even wear swimsuits in the first place?

It wasn’t until the 18th century that “swimsuits” were invented mostly for the purpose of hiding the human body because the moral times changed and it became inappropriate to be naked in public.

Today’s fashionable man can sport a number of swimwear styles to either hide or enhance his image.

The first is the Speedo or Brief. These are often made of nylon, spandex or a longer lasting polyester composite. They can vary in style from a full seat to a t-bar (aka g-string). The t-bar/g-string should never be worn publicly unless you live on a Greek Island and have a minimum waistline of 80”. You should also try to cultivate some back hair when sporting the g-string swimsuit. Both the girth and the hair are really a diversion to take the focus off your hairy butt crack!

Trunks are the most common swimwear and come in various colours, leg lengths and decoration. Trunks have been used as swimwear since the 1940’s, but really became popular in TV shows like Baywatch. The Trunk has morphed its way into the board shorts of today and is worn by all age groups.

The Square Leg Suit is much like a Brief, but more conservative. This is a style worn by the more athletic for running and swimming and is most commonly compared to boxer briefs. The brief-styled suit has really made a comeback in the sport of triathlon, a sport that involves swimming, biking and running. At one time the sport was synonymous with the Speedo, but it too, has changed with the times, except perhaps for a small contingency in Germany.

Finally, the Fudoshi. A traditional Japanese styled suit that really should remain in Japan. If you want to look like you’re smuggling bananas across the Bogotá border in the front and trying to do a magic trick by cutting yourself in half at the back, then go ahead, try one of these on. Just make sure no one loses an eye in the process.

So, moral of this article…your bathing suit makes a statement. A fashion statement. It is a reflection of who you are and how you feel. Choose wisely.



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