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The Hair Cut


by James Kelly

So…hair, or more specifically, the hair cut.

When did men start cutting their hair? There is a popular line that Stone Age man believed that good and bad spirits entered the body through the hair. It was said that the only way to rid the body of bad juju was to cut the hair. Sounds logical to me.

So what’s up with all the crazy styles in between?


The early Egyptians with the right angled tent. The Norman knight with “the Moe” from The Three Stooges bowl look. It’s said that the Roman soldiers kept their heads shaved to stubble so their enemies couldn’t grab onto it in battle. What about the North American Indian Mohawk and let’s not forget the curly locks of the French and British in the 18th century.

Your hair is as much a fashion statement as your apparel. To be in fashion means you always need to have a fashionable hairstyle.

Just look at the reaction one gets to the giant purple Mohawk. Or the pink streaked spikes popularized by the Punk era. Even the lowly Mullet gets its share of poo-poo’s when worn in public.

How is one to know what hairstyle to sport to fit in?

Hair stylists are as individual as their clientele. You can spend hundreds of dollars or you can spend ten bucks. Either one could get you great or not so great results. It all depends on what kind of day your stylist is having.

Today styles are short, unlike the waist length dreads of the 70’s. Not that there was anything wrong with long hair. Back then that was the style. Heck, the Broadway play Hair is still making the rounds and every once in a while you see a long flowing Viking mane flailing in the wind from some famous tennis or soccer guy’s convertible.

If you’re just a guy going about his day short is the easiest and least expensive style to maintain. No hours of brushing. No special shampoos for split ends. Just a bi-weekly trim and away you go.

Barbers and hair stylists alike have been performing the standard #3 on the side, trim on the top hair cut for millennia. They should have it down pat by now.

Your hairstyle is a statement about who you are and what you do.

Here’s the skinny. You can have the the Armani Suit, the Burberry shoes, the diamond rings and a Cartier watch, but if you top that off with a lime green Mohawk? Honestly, are you going to let this guy invest your retirement savings??!



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