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by James Kelly

I want to talk about underwear. Did you know that the Egyptians and the Romans wore underwear? They didn’t call it underwear, that is a more modern term for them. They probably called them bag of straw the chafes.

Today’s modern underwear come in a variety of styles: briefs, boxers, bikinis and thongs.

Briefs usually have a large band that sits at the waist, a front fly and fabric that covers everything from the waist to the upper thighs, with full coverage of the butt.

These are great underwear for jobs that require sitting down all day (they tend to be more compact with less movement in the material) or for physical activities, though we don’t recommend you do your first marathon in them!

Briefs come in many colours and are the most common underwear found on the new age dresser.

Boxers are the “classic” men’s underwear. They are the loosest and some claim the most comfortable underwear. Straight-cut leg openings that cover part of the thighs and the entire butt; can vary from eight to 16 inches. They always have a workable front fly.

The boxer seems to be the most flamboyant underwear. Often sporting team logos and a plethora of design graphics the boxer has become the billboard of the undies world.

As to the comfort level, well that depends on your idea of comfort. If you like the feel of almost commando, but still a little privacy, then there is no doubt boxers are for you. But, if you hate feeling every time you sit down, like you’re going to crush the boys, maybe they’re not the ones.

OK, bikinis and thongs. Hey, I’m no prude. If you think these two types of underwear are comfortable or sexy more power to ya. I guess if you’re a body builder or you think they will impress the wife on date night, that’s great.  If you are over 200 lbs with a corporate paunch and enough back hair to make it look like you’re wrestling a bear when you bend over, do us all a favour and strap on a pair of boxers.

Last thought. I know it’s fashionable to have the elastic band of your underwear visible above your jeans so you can proudly display the name of the manufacturer but, if you are over 50 and not a gangster please pull up your pants.



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