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The 50 Zone’s inaugural issue is about to be launched! Let’s just say that we are not going to reinvent the wheel. We just want to offer an online magazine option specifically for 50+ men to reinforce the idea that in these times 50 can be a starting point for men. It’s the time of life to begin all the things you never got around to while you worked at becoming who you are. Let’s face it, we don’t look like we’re in our 50’s, we don’t act like we’re in our 50’s, and we certainly are not going to stand back and watch life pass us by just because we’re in our 50’s.

The 50 Zone will bring people of like mind and who love life together in knowledge. As we all know — knowledge is power, and when we know more, we’ll do more, give more, be more. It’s never too late to embrace it. Let’s get started…

From Fashion to FitnessBodyMind, Health and Diet issues, to Women & Dating, in The 50 Zone you’ll find ongoing, updated, relevant articles and information.

This issue, take a boat ride with Ken Eddy in Thailand to a small island that would ultimately be ravaged by tsunami. Find out about fitness and keeping fit enough to run road races and participate in triathlon well into your 60’s. Follow Bob Gurney as he helps us determine where to begin our journey to remain healthy in our 50’s. Cjames Kelly gives us an overview on where to find fashionable clothing for all occasions at affordable prices.

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