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Jeans … a Fashion Staple

Jeans … a Fashion Staple

by James Kelly

They’re back ... ripped jeans, that is. Is this part of the circle of life? The grunge days of the 90’s have come back to haunt us.

This summer season ripped jeans are back with a vengeance and it looks like every manufacturer is pulling out all the stops to find new ways to tear them up. Front, back, sides, no surface is sacred.

The 90’s ripped jean had its way. More of a lightly damaged look like maybe you fell down and scuffed a hole in the knee or the pocket. Today’s rip is no holes barred. Some of you would wonder how they stay on they look so fragile.

So what should you expect to pay for a less than full pair of jeans? Well you can rip it up at Old Navy for very little. $25 can get you a nice pair of stonewashed completely ripped up jeans. You can expect these to make it through the summer and that’s about it.

Calvin Klein’s start at $80 and go up. Fashionable for sure, and a pair of jeans that will last a long time.

Did you know that Gucci has jeans that sell for over $3,000? No kidding. You wouldn’t want to rip those up would you?

No matter what your budget, a pair of ripped jeans can make any outfit look cool. They’re a great change from those skinny legged Levis you got at Mark’s Work Warehouse.

Bottom line, no matter what your age, ripped is in. Over 50? You might want to go with a little less rip and more of the scuff. Either way, don’t let a little thing like looking cool stop you from getting a new pair of jeans.

James Kelly

The Sock

The Sock

by James Kelly

Ahhh, the sock. It’s the last thing you think of unless you live in a place where the floor is constantly cold.

So, you’re buying a suit and the sales guy up-sells you the shirt and the beautiful matching tie. I’m not sure when ties went from being an accessory for a couple of bucks to something that requires refinancing your home to get, but that’s a story for another day.

In the process did he mention socks? Not likely. Why? Because socks are one of those things you can still get for a couple of bucks and they add nothing to your salesman’s bottom line.

If you think socks don’t play a part in your fashion statement, let me ask you this. How many times have you noticed that David Letterman was wearing white socks with his talk show ensemble? How many times have you noticed that the geek in front of you at Starbucks has a pair of thermal work socks on with his shorts and sandals? How many times have you noticed men wearing knee socks with dress shoes and shorts?! See what I mean, people notice these things.

Now some people will wear two different colour socks and tell you that that’s how they roll, but take it from me, that’s not how they roll, that’s how they roll out of bed!

The earliest known cloth sock dates from 300-500AD. They had split toes, designed to be worn with sandals, unlike your wooly workies that you think look so good. Every culture in the world has at some time invented some kind of sock and they have been created from every type of material. Anything from cotton, wool, nylon, acrylic, polyester, polypropylene, and spandex with silk, to cashmere and mohair, used to bring a little softness to the project.

It’s no wonder the sales guy didn’t offer you a pair of socks. He probably didn’t want to spend another half a day trying to figure out which ones would work for you.

I remember the Bermuda knee highs from the sixties, but especially remember the multi-coloured toes socks of the seventies. Not since then has there really been a sock statement, and though they go unnoticed for the most part, they stick out like a sore toe when added to a wardrobe improperly.

Here’s a tip: if you get yourself all dressed up for a night out and when you take that last glance in the mirror you wonder, do these socks look stupid? Then they probably do! So don’t ignore your instincts (or your mirror). Take them off and get some that don’t look like you just came from a “Flash Dance” rehearsal.

If you think that no one will notice that you have plaid socks on with your pin-striped suit, guess again. People notice. Take the time to get some good quality socks. Ones with some taste that match your wardrobe. Unless you are wearing an ascot, ’cause then they’ll just be laughing and pointing at that!!



by James Kelly

I want to talk about underwear. Did you know that the Egyptians and the Romans wore underwear? They didn’t call it underwear, that is a more modern term for them. They probably called them bag of straw the chafes.

Today’s modern underwear come in a variety of styles: briefs, boxers, bikinis and thongs.

Briefs usually have a large band that sits at the waist, a front fly and fabric that covers everything from the waist to the upper thighs, with full coverage of the butt.

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