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Lars Gustaffson

Founder of The BodyMind Institute

Founder of The BodyMind Nutrition System™ 
Author, Speaker, Life & Nutrition Guide

Born in East India to Canadian parents, Lars spent his childhood living an authentic mix of tribal and western life. This upbringing created a balance between the scientific passion of the west and the ancient wisdom of the Far East.

Lars has spent 24 years exploring and developing nutrition, lifestyle, fitness, and personal development programs. In 2002, Lars founded The BodyMind Nutrition System™ to bring you the principles of nutrition that connect the physical and mental, emotional, spiritual aspects of life.

Lars’ coaching career began in 1993 in a sports supplement store. By 2001 Lars had gained a significant understanding of human potential through coaching 1,000’s of clients in all areas of sports and health goals. In his journey of personal discovery the elements of life balance and personal success filtered into all the layers of his guidance systems. Medical doctors, chiropractors, personal trainers and professionals in the health industry along with life coaches were seeing the value in sending their clients and patients to Lars, as there was a complete Body, Mind and Spirit element to his coaching processes. This lead to the constant inquiry whether Lars would release his scientific, tried and proven systems and formulas in a certification.

The BodyMind Nutrition and Life Coaching programs were launched in January 2003 to meet these requests. In 2007 the programs were taken to a new level when they were developed to meet a new demand in the market for easily accessible, online access. Each element of learning has been created to help the participants quickly and effortlessly apply the information in their own lives as well as in the lives of the people they touch. The scientific model has been built into every learning element while providing true to life systems, formulas and programs.   These programs have created the opportunity for people to personally discover and pass on a nutrition and lifestyle process that creates a personal discovery of balance in body, mind and spirit.

Lars has taken his passion for online learning to a whole new level by building an online college and education venue to work with world leaders in the field of health, consciousness and education right into the homes and offices of participants worldwide.

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