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Strategies for Uncovering Career Passion and Inspiration

As an essential part of living in this society we have many conversations with people every day, but few people take the time to have truly meaningful conversations with themselves. In our dialogues with others, we ask people questions in order to better understand who they are and where they are coming from. In order to create success in our careers and our lives, we must also make it a priority to ask ourselves questions that will enable us to fully understand ourselves.

Effective career planning does not begin with looking outside ourselves for opportunities in the world. Instead it begins with looking inward in order to develop better awareness and understanding. We can then use this knowledge as a lens to focus our vision on the career options and opportunities that are most aligned with who we truly are and what we want most want to achieve.

The Exercises below are designed to help you begin the process of creating an understanding of where you currently are versus where you want to be. Once you have Better Awareness, you can make Better Choices which will lead to Better Results

It is important to take the time to sit quietly and write down your thoughts and answers to the following questions.

  • Writing your thoughts down on paper creates better clarity, which in turn leads to greater awareness
  • Plan to take some time each day to contemplate these questions. Even taking 15 minutes in the morning and/or evening to document your thoughts is a first step towards beginning to create the life you want to lead

Exercise 1:  Write down the Top 5 Values you wish to live your life by

………………Examples of values include: Integrity, Honesty, Service, Family, etc.

Exercise 2:  Top 5 Values – Behaviours, Actions and Outcomes

This exercise follows the identification of your 5 values by challenging you to think about the daily actions and behaviours you will take, and the results you will see when you begin to live in alignment with your top 5 values.

Complete the following sentence:

“If I truly value ____________.  I will __________(do the following things) and by doing so, I will

_________________(see the following results) .”

For each blank above, fill in:

  1. One of your top 5 values
  2. The actions/behaviours you will take on a daily basis which demonstrate this value
  3. The outcomes you will see when you take these actions

 Exercise 3:  Strengths – List your top 5 gifts or personal strengths

  • What do you think your strengths or gifts are?
  • Perform your own 360 assessment by asking family and friends what they think your strengths are.
  • Use the following questions as a guide.


I am happiest when… I like that I am…
I need to celebrate myself for… I am good at…
I know others appreciate me when… My friends like it when I…
I know I am good at… People tell me I am good at…

“Identifying our deepest values gives us clarity regarding how we need to act in order to live in alignment with what is meaningful in our lives, while identifying our strengths enables us to focus on the things we are naturally good at, and the things we generally like to do.

When we can find career options that enable us to use a number of our strengths on a daily basis while living in accordance with our core values, we cannot help but feel successful.”

Exercise 4: What would you do at this point in your life if you knew you could only succeed?

  • In other words, what would you do if you could do anything; if there were no barriers or limitations and if you absolutely could not fail?
  • How does your answer to this question enable you to live in alignment with your core values and demonstrate your strengths?

Exercise 5: Putting it all together:

Once you have identified your top 5 values, the actions you will take aligned with these values, your top 5 strengths and your ultimate career aspirations, plan to take 15 minutes each morning and night to:

  1. Review these fundamentally important items to keep them fresh in your mind
  1. Write 5 small goals you can accomplish each day which enable you to demonstrate your values and allow you to either use or enhance your strengths
  • Think and write about how your ultimate career, and related careers, would enable you to express your values and demonstrate your strengths
  • At night, review the day and the goals you accomplished while considering the small improvements you can make tomorrow
  • Keep in mind that this process may take some time and that large changes are made possible by small incremental improvements over time. If you can improve 1% per day, or get 1% closer to your ideal career or your ideal life each day – in just one month you will have improved 30%, and 60% over a two month period.


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